You're a (blank) conservative; I'm normal


Oh sure, everyone believes s/he is a rational, centered, objective individual——it is just those other people who are so well, extreme. And no one believes this more than all the mass media. But of course all the masses out there just don't believe it, accusing the general media of well, liberalism. 
No we're not.
Yes, you are.
So who is telling the truth? 
According to the (yeah, yeah, conservative) media watch group, Media Research Center, the accusers are exactly right——the media are liberal. And the media honestly don't believe it because they think their views are standard.
And this skews their view of the world and how they report it.  Not only were institutions and individuals labeled conservative at least four times more often than those described as liberal but conservatives were also (adjective) conservatives; extreme conservatives, religious conservatives. Sneer. The relatively rare liberal calls were referred to just simply as liberals. No sneer. 
Me?  Oh, I'm a rational, objective, unbiased, centered individual——it is those others who are extremely liberal.
Ethel C. Fenig  5 10 05