Zinfandel, America's heritage grape


The San Francisco Chronicle features an informative article on wine made from the Zinfandel grape, a particular passion of mine. Longtime readers know that I am a partner in a winery prominently featuring several different Zinfandels, each made from grapes from a different vineyard. As the article notes, the range of flavors and styles one can make from Zinfandel grapes is particularly broad.

Zin is a bit of an outcast from Europe, and enjoys none of the snobbery of the noble varietals. American growers and vintners do amazing things with the former black sheep grape. It also happens to be the best wine to go with barbecue, another American classic.

If you've never tried a good Zinfandel wine (not "white Zinfandel," for goodnes sake), ask a reputable wine dealer for advice and try it with friends, comparing notes, as you enjoy a hearty meal.

Thomas Lifson   9 07 05