AP reporter attacks and mocks Kirsten Gillibrand presidential campaign

The next few months will be a rare treat for conservative news consumers, as we enjoy the normally unthinkable spectacle of mainstream media reporters attacking Democrats.  With the horde of potential candidates for the party's president nomination calling to mind the image of a clown car and the scramble to attract the party's radical base of Trump-haters and fully indoctrinated Millennials demanding socialism, there are some dangerous morons out there who could seriously damage the party's prospects in the coming presidential debates.

It's already time to thin the herd and send a warning to other hapless contenders (cough! Indian-impersonator Elizabeth Warren still planning to announce today) that their traditional immunity from MSM criticism is suspended until a candidate with an actual chance to defeat Trump emerges as the frontrunner, or at least until the worst embarrassments among them are purged.

Among the more embarrassing presidential wannabes this cycle is New York's junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand.  She is so willing to pander that there is no telling what positions she will embrace with devout enthusiasm.  On the one hand, I congratulate Associated Press reporter Meg Kinnard for critically reporting on the incompetence of the Gillibrand campaign, reflecting the incompetence of the woman at its top.  But I only hope that once Gillibrand inevitably falls by the wayside, Ms. Kinnard will focus with equal skeptical gusto on the next Democrat candidate she is assigned to cover — and more importantly, that her editors allow such coverage to take place and run.

AP reporter Meg Kinnard (Twitter icon).

Soopermexican at The Right Scoop collected the series of tweets that tell the story of a campaign tripping over its own feet:

Kinnard deleted these two tweets.  There are limits, apparently:

But the communications director of Gillibrand's campaign took the bait:

And got slapped down by Kinnard:

But the campaign carried on, as if all was well:

And reaped in return a demonstration of their disorganization:

I want to emphasize that I am not criticizing Ms. Kinnard.  I just hope she and her editors keep up the level of scrutiny when some Democrat with an actual chance is her beat.  I am not optimistic but would be happy to be wrong.

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