Democrat blackface problem in Virginia? Democrat says solve it by impeaching Trump

Texas Democratic rep. Al Green, who was last seen claiming he was "friends" with a former staffer who says he sexually assaulted her, is now putting forth a solution to the utter political hash Democrats have on their hands in Virginia, what with Democratic gov. Ralph Northam denying that his medical school yearbook page featuring a hooded Klansman and a white person wearing blackface is grounds for resignation; his potential successor, Democratic lt. gov. Justin Fairfax, now fending off multiple allegations of sexual assault; and the Democrats' third in line, Attorney General Mark Herring, admitting he also wore blackface.

Green's solution?  Impeach Trump.

Here's his "logic" for it, according to The Hill:

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said the refusal of both Virginia's governor, Ralph Northam (D), and the state's attorney general, Mark Herring (D), to resign after admissions of wearing blackface in the past "is but a symptom of a greater syndrome that currently plagues our country as a result of not acting on President Trump's bigotry."

Green argued that the pair has been emboldened "to a great extent because the Trump presidency has sent a message that you can be immune to the consequences of bigotry, by daring those with the authority and power to constitutionally remove you from office."

"We no longer stare bigotry down; bigotry now stares us down," Green said in a statement, released late Thursday night.  "Further, an argument that Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring should resign will subject us to accusations of political hypocrisy if we refuse to take on a bigoted president."

Like any Democrat, he obviously seeks to evade responsibility and pass on the cost to others.  More important, we see what a mind totally consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like.

I looked this guy up, and nothing out there spoke well for him.

Green's been in Congress since 2005, with better than average committee attendance (the one seemingly positive thing about his record), except that it hasn't translated to any significant power in the legislative body.  He sits on only one House committee, Maxine Waters's Financial Services Committee, which is run by Maxine and seems to serve as a dumping ground for all sorts bottom-of-the-barrel nutcases, including socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and far-left anti-Semite Rep. Rashida Tlaib.  He sports a perfect 100 rating from Planned Parenthood and a zero rating from the National Rifle Association, but even that hasn't translated into any political rewards for him.  Green also holds congressional Asian-Pacific and Congressional Black Caucus memberships, the latter of which is probably his only real source of power — he has a soapbox.

All those years, and nothing to show for it.  The Root, a leading black news site, dismisses him as a figure of fun, uncharitably calling him the "real-life Cro Magnon man." 

And so, a sex scandal or two later, what's a dullard with perfect attendance, no power, and titters from the black press to do?  He's now making a name for himself by calling for President Trump's resignation — no matter how absurd the circumstances.

According to The Washington Examiner's Becket Adams:

The Texas Democrat wants it so eagerly, in fact, that he often uses whatever is happening in the news cycle at the moment to argue that the time to impeach Trump is now.  It doesn't matter what's happening: Rep. Green will find a way to tie it back to his obsession with impeaching the current president.

Apparently, it's all he does, and he's been doing it for all kinds of reasons since 2017, starting with President Trump's firing of James Comey.  Here he is, blathering away:

Here he is a few months later, calling for the same impeachment in September.  Here he is, making another House floor speech calling for Trump's impeachment, now in December, which the House voted to throw out.  Nevertheless, as Chelsea Clinton would put it, he persisted, with yet another call for impeachment six months later in 2018.  (He got 388 views on YouTube for it.)  And in January 2019.

Now this current low-I.Q. idiocy.

It seems that the only way he can get anyone to pay attention to him is to holler about impeachment.  Nobody will pay any attention to him otherwise. This is pathetic.  Now he's becoming an embarrassment to Democrats.

Image credit: C-SPAN screen grab via YouTube.

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