Biden and the insurmountable

How does Biden get re-elected with the following hurdles facing him?  He barely can find his way off the stage.

Black voters seem to have matured a bit.  Street interviews and polls suggest that an increasing number realize that they re-enslaved themselves to the Democrat party and received little by way of meaningful benefits in return.  Yes, they got welfare, cheesy food stamps, and drug-infested housing, but look what it cost them: their  dignity, a husbandless family, females working two and three jobs to feed their families, alienation from their churches, more crime, and you know the rest.

Biden inflation has eaten any wage increases workers obtained during the Trump years.  The cost of essentials is devastating for those on the lower-socioeconomic level.  Furthermore, competition from Biden illegals is beginning to create adverse employment opportunities, and it will only worsen.

The military was an employment refuge for many black and white citizens, who gained many social benefits and positive life experiences as well as post-service education stipends.  Now the military cannot fill its quotas because of what Biden has done by way of sexualization.

Speaking of education, hypocrites in the Democrat party oppose the concept of charter schools and outright cash benefits that allow choice.  A solid education has always served as a legitimate and lasting ladder.

On the same topic, the back middle class has expanded, but all too often from promotions that are racially driven by DIE nonsense.  Over time, many find they are incapable of competing and quickly reach their level of incompetency.  How disingenuous affirmative action always was.

The significant cost of Biden’s energy policies falls heavily upon everyone but most significantly upon — you guessed it — those who can least afford these painful increases.
Crime has increased, but statistics do not reflect it because so many former crimes are no longer recorded.  You can attribute this to George Soros's funding of radical district and state attorney campaigns.

Again, crime impacts those who have the least ability to cope.  The blame is on not only Soros's campaign munificence, but Biden's open border policies.

The devastation to families from the increase in deadly drugs, mainly fentanyl, can be laid at the front door of the Biden White House.  The nation is awash in gangs selling drugs while enriching Mexican cartels and China.  I have yet to mention the enslavement and sex-trafficking of females, while, again, Biden looks the other way.

Sanctuary cities and decimated police forces have led to thousands of wealthy mobile citizens fleeing their former homes.  The impact on tax revenues and the escalating costs of funding the beneficence of illegals by brainless city commissioners and other unworthy administrative electives also falls hardest on America’s struggling working class.  Biden simply ignores the impact at this peril.

As the consequences of Biden's imbecilic policies mount, I believe that the prospects of a monsoon election are forming.  I hope I am right in this gut feeling, because the Democrats will do everything in their power to undercut Trump’s second administration, as they did his first.

Losing is anathema, and if further destroying the nation is conceived as their only option, so be it.

Democrats and the mass media are so removed from the real world, from reality, that they will continue to shoot themselves in their feet until the election results are revealed.  Perhaps that will sober them up, but even that is a long shot.  It is called the boomerang effect, and it usually comes after the music has stopped and the orchestra shifts to another beat. 

As for “Uncle Joe,” the problems he faces are of his own making and insurmountable, in my opinion.  Meanwhile, I have yet to even discuss his age and his physical and mental infirmities — nor do I need to, because the horse is out of the barn and is laughing.

Time will tell.  It always does.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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