Air America scandal leaking into MSM


David Reinhard, an associate editor of the Oregonian in Portland, pens a wicked essay on Air America and the hypocrisy of its founders and allies. Little by little, the cordon sanitaire errected by the New York Times is crumbling before the juicy hypocrisy on display. You just can't bottle up a corporate scandal — especially if you have been shouting "Enron" for years now.

The New York Times, which notoriously showered favorable publicity on Air America at its start—up, is making itself look foolish with each day that passes. This is news it deems unfit to print: bad news about its pets.

Once we understand the partisan basis of the word "fit", then "all the news that's fit to print" becomes an admission of systematic bias.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Thomas Lifson    8 07 05