BBC loses sneer quotes


BBC News may be teetering on the verge of calling terrorists "terrorists." This is big news.  Just a few weeks after bloody carnage exploded in the center of London, even the leftwing BBC, which has refused to use the word TERRORIST without sneer quotes for years, may be coming around. A recent headline started to tap dance in the right direction: "Blair vows hard line on FANATICS" headlined BBC News on Saturday. Well, that's a little better.
But the editors quietly sidled up to the dreaded "T word"  in the first paragraph by referring to "those who advocate terror.... The anti—terror package (of laws) ...  Mr Blair said people would be refused asylum if they had been involved in terrorism."

Yes... Good... Just a little closer... A little closer...

Needless to say, the Left is outraged. The "civil rights group Liberty said Mr Blair has attacked key human rights and would jeopardise national unity."
Recruiting suicide bombers is now a human right.

If BBC keeps drifting toward reality, perhaps those sneer quotes can now be moved around the words "civil rights group Liberty," where they belong.