Hillary tells lawyers to speak up


Although over 90% of senators and representatives are lawyers, including the present junior senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton, what does she tell an adoring women's legal organization that she formerly headed and gave her an award at the American Bar Association convention?  Yep,  the voices of lawyers must be louder so they can be heard in Washington.

"I sometimes worry today that the voices of those who are on the front lines fighting the battles _ making sure that equal justice under the law is not just a slogan but a reality _ are not as loud as they should be, not as vigorous in standing up to power as they need to be," said Clinton. 

So much for diversity, pluralism and multi culturalism, so much for hearing from other voices trying to stand up to power such as the worried parent, the factory worker or even the president with an MBA or his wife, the librarian.  Nope, they must shush in reverence when the lawyers speak knowingly, legally and in Hillary's terms about equality.  Or anything else.
Ethel C. Fenig    8 08 05