Nip tuck


Bit by bit Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is touching up his appearance, presumably to look youthful and vigorous no matter how the years may advance. After all, he is a billionaire who built his fortune in the media, and understands better than most of us how important physical appearance is shaping human reactions to public figures. A little facial plastic surgery never hurt anyone.

Berlusconi is our ally, and he faces a difficult political scene at home over his support of us, among other reasons. Anything he can do to get his message out is fine by us. We like him. His is not ashamed of his business success, capitalism, or western civilization. And it is political pragmatism to let the suregeons work their magic, not necessarily just personal vanity or denial of the aging process. We bugrudge no one their cosmetic enhancements.

His latest round of medical beautification is a hair transplant. Reuters tells us that

Speculation about Berlusconi's hair first surfaced in August last year when he was seen sporting a rapper—style bandana when welcoming British Prime Minister.

A few days later, it was confirmed that he had undergone a hair transplant, which evidently was so successful that one year to the day later, which was yesterday, Friday, August 6th, Berlusconi visited the doctor who performed his hair transplant. Reuters noted:

This time, journalists saw him enter and leave with his head bandaged. He then left for Sardinia to continue his vacation.

Berlusconi is having some with the journalists. Take a look at his picture in the hyperlink, and I think you will agree with me that he probably had a second round.

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Thomas Lifson  8 06 05