Leno leans left


Further proof, as if any were needed, that the entertainment industry leans wa—a—y left.  Even in the joke industry.  While Jay Leno, host of NBC's late night show,  has no Republicans on his joke writing staff, several are former professional speechwriters for Democratic speechwriters. 
[UPDATE: we are reliably informed from a former writer for Leno that he does indeed employ conservative writers. Our apologies for the misinformation.]
In a remarkably candid interview,  Leno discuses his political leanings and how he balances his personal opinions, which he admits are liberal,  with the demands of a career that includes appearances at corporate events sponsored by conservatives.  He even concedes  that David Letterman is probably even more liberal and more outspoken about it than he is. 
Nothing wrong with all of this but no Republicans on staff?  This lack of political and intellectual diversity is startling. UnAmerican.  Now is the time for the Outfoxed documentarians to create another groundbreaking expose.  It could be titled The Colorless Peacock.
Ethel C. Fenig  9 15 04